This one time-in planting camp…


Submitted by: Marcelle Chisholm (Jacques)

I say that all the time (it’s sounds funny since the American Pie movie). I say it a lot because I have so many stories from planting. One of my favorites is the good old stick in the face story. It was more like a log but who’s gonna argue?

One day out on the block, my planting partner Tara and I were walking back to the cache after a crappy day. I was tired and not really watching where I was going. Suddenly there was this blur of something coming at my face doing mach 9. The next thing I knew I was experiencing THE LOUDEST ringing in my ears EVER.

A huge stick (log) about the size of a baseball bat was catapulted at my head when I stepped on the wrong stick (that was holding the baseball bat log under a lot of tension).

I just stood there for about 10-15 seconds shaking my head and trying to comprehend just what had happened. I looked up and Tara was about 20 feet away asking me what the hell was wrong with me or if I was ok or something? I couldn’t really tell what she was saying because the ringing in my ears blocked out all sound. She was just standing there moving her lips with this look on her face.

I walked it off and was able to hear after about a minute or two.

Very bizarre (and painful) experience.

Moral of the story: Don’t step on sticks that are holding back bigger sticks from coming at your face.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve recovereddd fully the in head the-head.

Marcelle (I can’t believe I’m still alive) Chisholm