Do you Have What it Takes?


Tree planting is a tough job with challenges like no other. Do you have what it takes to be a successful tree planter?

Strong Work Ethic

Unlike jobs that pay by the hour, where a bad day does not affect the overall outcome of your earnings, treeplanting pays by the tree. Without a strong work ethic, you will not succeed in this industry, and you will go home empty handed.

joegillingham03-7Ability to Learn and Retain Information Quickly

A fast treeplanter has the ability to learn and understand new terms, conditions and requirements quickly. Quality requirements are highly site specific. Learning to adjust your technique accordingly will have a significant impact on your season.

timmcguire03-10Ability to Work with Anyone

Treeplanters work and live with people from all types of backgrounds. You must have the ability to cooperatively work and live with almost anybody.

Pitch in and Help – ALWAYS

With treeplanting comes a great deal of work for which you will likely not be directly paid. A good treeplanter is available to help his or her foreman or supervisor with a little help during non-planting hours.

codypuckett15-26Ability to Overcome the Unforeseen

Plans always change. Most treeplanters know the saying “Hurry up and wait”. You have to be able to roll with the punches. There are far too many things that can happen to disrupt your day. Control freaks beware!

Ability to Deal with Discomfort

There is a certain amount of discomfort and pain associated with treeplanting. From aching muscles to “wrinkle foot” to losing a fingernail or two – it’s all part of the job. On yeah, don’t forget the cold, rain, mud, blistering heat, sun, bugs – the list goes on.

codypuckett15-14Hone your Competitive Edge

For many, this job is extremely competitive. If you do not fit into the category of someone who enjoys a challenge on a daily and even hourly basis, this job may not be for you. Most hiballers will tell you that the single most driving force behind their success is the drive to beat either their own daily record or that of their colleagues.



  1. I am highly considering giving treeplanting my hardest try, at least once in my life. I’ve been reading and watching and researching everything I can. I’ll be 26 next season and I’m a small and short girl with some back issues/pain due to past car accidents. Is it still possible to prepare/train my body for something like treeplanting and succeed without injuring myself badly? Such as chiropractic, stretching, muscle building, and running long distances? What happens if I wuss out physically or mentally?

    • I would start training now for endurance! Do a lot of aerobic activity like running, hiking and also some weight training. Yoga is great for getting your flexibility before planting also. I think the most important thing would be to build up endurance for exercise. It’s great to be strong but if you can’t sustain activity for the whole day, you’re going to burn out fast. Just get out there and start doing something every day to keep yourself active and fit. Consider a diet that will maximize your endurance like a whole foods plant based diet! (Gamechangers documentary on Netflix is a worth a watch) Planting will be hard — probably the hardest thing you will do physically so be prepared for it to suck. You’ll know after a few weeks if you can handle it or if you have to opt out. If you decide to leave, depending on where you are, you may have to wait till your day off to get back to a town to find your way home. Give it an honest try though…you’ll be surprised what you can endure if your motivation is strong enough ($$$$). Good luck! Let us know how it turns out for you 🙂

  2. would be awesome to be able to say I’ve done a tree planting season or two, definitely a life changing experience I’d love to try!

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