Remembering a Great Supervisor


tp6My name is Kim Kenyon. I have worked in the planting industry for 5 yrs now, been a foreman for one, planted 4 coastal seasons…I have worked with three different companies, one in which a supervisor stood out above everyone I have worked with. This is a sad nomination to the Hall of Fame that I can’t type out fast enough… for a tragic accident took the life of this beloved supervisor.

Jabez Kruithof worked with Brinkman for many years beyond what I can count. Leading coning crews, brushing crews, and planting crews (he led many other projects as well).

I can not voice how much I looked up to him for his calm attitude, his love and accepting smile. I have worked with every supervisor with Celtic (my home company) and only one came close to the feeling of being accepted that Jabez gave out. Jabez’s level of knowledge running the remote location contracts was untouchable, all the in’s and out’s ….he had them covered. There are people that you would give the world to and work under any condition for… and he is one of them. I want to nominate this man, for not only touching my heart, but for reaching deep inside all of his workers, and bringing out their best. I have not spoken to his family about this nomination, but I feel that anyone who has worked with him knows that his name needs to be somewhere right at the top of the list.

In the hearts of so many, Jabez this is for you.

Kimberley Kenyon