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Nominated by: Shawn Fetter
Date Added : April 6, 2006

Planted 10,480 unscarified on June 1, 2004 in 13 hours and 30 minutes for Roots Reforestation approximately 25 km’s west of Prince Albert, SK. Due to seedlot specifications for that area he was home in time to watch the 3rd period of the Flames/Sharks game. The pay out for the day was $838.40 @ 8 cents per tree. This was his 8th season of planting.

He planted over 1,000,000 with one company (Olson Ventures Reforestation) by the end of his sixth season (1997-2002) starting there as a rookie. Currently sitting at just over 1.5 million after 8 seasons but now working as a foreman waiting for the moons to align to take Ken Chaplins other record in prepped ground. Like Kenny said “if anyone is going to break that record it’s Bryan”.