Hall of Fame > Don Fladager and Crew


The much loved owner of ‘Rainforest’ a great little coastal company; Fladager started in the biz when the biz was just getting started, in 1976, with one of those first contractors, planting the huge bare roots out of a horse feed bag with a mattock. As a supervisor for one of those big companies, Don was a tireless leader who always looked out for the planters, widely admired for being one of the good guys. In ’92, he started his own show on the south coast; easily attracting a loyal and hardcore crew.

Don’s focus is on care and professionalism, his crews always impress not just with production but in terms of quality and attention to details. Always recognizing the planters high level of output, he’s shared generously, consistently squeaking out a planters share of the bid price that is higher than anyone else that I’ve heard of. As a sign of how great of a guy he is to work with; Don keeps a very content crew of 12 -16 hardcore pounders, each one with well over a million or two in their trees planted column and at least 18 seasons of experience, they could all easily be added to this hall of fame.

Being with Don since ’89; I’ve heard two common refrains from all those Planters who have come to work with him; “This is the best company I’ve ever been with” and “Fladagers the best best guy I’ve ever worked with”.