Hall of Fame > Graeme Giltrap


Nominated by: Marie O’Flaridy
Date Added : February 2008

For running one of the best treeplanting companies in BC for over 25 years. His dedication to reforestation and his VERY HIGH STANDARDS have provided an amazing place for treeplanters to make tons of money and enjoy the unique treeplanting lifestyle. The best Treeplanting owner EVER!

Nominated by: Monty Larson
Date Added : May 2007

Graeme Giltrap, as a planter and an owner, for dedicating so much of his life and energy to treeplanting, and for continuing to love and respect treeplanters after so many years. Also, for never selling out big time, and really setting the standards in my opinion, for all those who came with and after once the contractors system got itself set up.