Hall of Fame > Jon Barrett


Nominated by: Tyson Manning
Date Added : Aug 24, 2006

Jon Barrett is the epitome of consistency. He is an extremely hard worker and excellent tree planter. We have, as some call it, a high-baller crew, and Jon is right there at the top.

We work for Little Smokey Forestry Services and work mostly out of Grande Prairie (Canfor), and some out of Grande Cache (old Weyerhaeuser).

As of last year he held the company record for most trees planted in a day at 9,045. This year he decided to break it and go for 11,000, and he did it. The tree price was $0.10. The land was decent; it was dragged, but still quite mossy.

Quite possibly the hardest working planter in the business. I have never heard him complain, and he was my planting partner for 3 years. I have seen him put in over 9000 trees a day on more than one occasion. This year he even hit over 11000 in a single day. He rarely takes breaks, never plants a bad tree and helps motivate other planters around him. Even after a long day, Jon can be seen unloading refers and doing pretty much anything else to make the camp a better environment for everyone else. (While the rest of us are lying around relaxing)

Jon works on a crew of Highballers at Little Smokey and is consistently the top planter. Always the modest one, Jon never seeks the spotlight or talks numbers with anyone. Quite simply, Jon is a Machine!