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Nominated by: Jo-Ben Barkey
Updated : April 30, 2005

I videotaped him planting 7 trees to every 1 tree of the guys beside him in a cattle/homo plant…unreal.

Nominated by: Marcus Zerr

I nominate Lee Keller – he’s just insane. More then once, I’ve witnessed, him plant 5000 trees (trenches) in a normal work day (10-11 hours) WHILE maintaining and supplying his crew of 5 men. Insanity. A legend.

Email from Lee

My name is Lee Keller. Someone referred me to your website and I found myself in your Hall of Fame. I think that’s pretty cool that you have a website to recognize hard working treeplanters…it is quite the job. I’ve been at it for 5 seasons now. One as a foreman.

I love treeplanting cuz the harder I work the more I make and the more I challenge myself to exceed my goals. People often ask me what my personal planting goals are. I tell them my goal is to work as hard and fast as possible all day long. Some people like to time their bagups but I know when I’m fast and when I’m slow.
I knew treeplanting was for me the minute I heard about it! I love to work hard and push my limits.

Lee Keller (2005)