Hall of Fame > Mark Vonesch – 2,000,000 + Trees


Nominated by: Chris Hilliard
Updated November 2006

The rumors are true. Mark’s brother Chris Vonesch planted with Northern for 3 years 2000-02 and we once got plunked on two pieces of land filled with creamy mounds. Chris and I planted the shit out of them and by 8:30pm we each hit 6000 trees/each. We were so proud of ourselves and set the camp record. This messed with a bunch of egos in the camp. And the next day every highballer out in camp was out to break that record. It lasted less than 24hrs. Mark got wind of the news, magically got transferred to our block the next day, he later put 8500 trees in the ground the morning after. My one night of fame.

Thanks Mark. He still rocks. Super consistent, rock solid planter. Hell Yeah, for Hall O’ Famer!