Hall of Fame > Phil Audet


Nominated by: Chris Valaire RPF, CCEP
Date Updated : May 2007

I’ve known friend Phil Audet since 1991 and planted with him over many years in both BC and Alberta.

This guy always planted consistently good quality and was able to plant/foreman for over 15 years.

If Phil doesn’t make the Hall of Fame, no one deserves to…

In terms of consistent good quality, longevity, and making tree planting enjoyable, I would put Phil in higher regard than any planter I’ve met in my 8 years of planting experience.

I also planted many years with Geoff Newton, also well deserved guy to be in the Hall of Fame (he plays a mean guitar and can out drink any human alive when the whiskey bottle comes out)

Chris Valaire RPF, CCEP

Nomination by: Eric Lepine

Phil’s just been using the shovel for as long as anybody I know, and doing it all with a smile and a good all around attitude… He’s just a classy human being who deserves to be on the list.