Hall of Fame > Phil Friesen


Nominated by: Jess Matthies
Date Added : Dec 28, 2005

Throughout my career as a cook, I’ve heard legends of this guy. Apparently the story is that he was a treeplanter who turned to the kitchen when the camp cook sketched out and left. Rescuing the camp from culinary disaster, he proceeded to be one of the best chefs many planters had ever had – as well as continuing to throw in a few bag-ups, and helping with other random camp work. I’ve never met him…but heard the name so many times it’s unbelievable.

Nominated by: Alastair Hodges
Date Added : Oct 17, 2005

He was my cook on a number of occasions and was simply amazing. I was on the contract near Swan Hills Alberta in 1994 when he moved from planting to cooking. Over the years I never saw him stressed out or without a smile on his face. Always ran out of the kitchen to help me unload a reefer or load trees too. What a cook, what a guy.