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Nominated by: Jo-Ben Barkey
Date Added : April 8, 2006

Rod planted/foremaned/supervised for 17 seasons before stepping down after the 2005 season. He taught many of us over the years that planting was more about character than trees. Then, if the character is there the trees would come. When I was a rookie for him in ’97 he was the foreman of a 35+ Crew. His organization and motivation made my job easier every year I worked for him. He took a chance on me, hiring me as his ‘wildcard’ back in ’97. Rod believed in me and taught me to believe in myself, every year I worked for him was a pleasure and an honor.

Rod understood that above all, planting was about people. Rod understood that trees come and go, but at the end of the day his legacy is the friends and coworkers that he has left in his wake. That is what solidifies him as a bona fide legend. He was my motivator, mentor and friend and the greatest compliment I ever received was a comparison to his leadership style. I know the truth, that I am a far cry from what he brought to the lives of so many, but the comparison is a compliment that I will cherish forever. He was highly motivated to help others succeed. In reality, a nomination is nothing but a forum to express my gratitude to a man who changed my life. I love him and wish him all the success in the world as he raises three beautiful children and continues to show integrity and character in new opportunities outside of planting.

Nominated by: Lee Keller
Date Added : April 10, 2006

Rod was my supervisor for three years. I met him when I first joined his camp as a planter in 2003. The minute I met him I knew it was going to be a great season. Rod radiates positivity. There is something about his character that turns all negative thoughts positive. Whenever he would come around and ask how your day was going, no matter how bad it was, you’d all of a sudden feel like your day was just fine. Rod always cared about his planters and we knew it. He spent a lot of time getting to know every single planter and foreman in the camp. He also kept himself busy on the field helping out wherever he could, doing over and above what is expected as a supervisor. He is an extremely hard worker and a great example to everyone in his camp.

I had my three best seasons with Rod. I enjoyed planting more than ever before. The first season in Rod’s camp I acheived company top planter, and the other two seasons were even better as a foreman for him. Rod ran an amazing camp. He held to such standards as integrity, hard work, positive attitude, commitment, and teamwork both in his personal life and as a supervisor. He would do whatever he could to help us achieve and exceed our goals. I thank him for the impact he has had on my life both in my work experience and my character. He truly deserves to be recognized.

Nominated by: Darrell ‘dirtslayer” Dupas
Date Added : Aug 24, 2006

Rod hired me in 1991, I was 135 pounds soaking wet at the age of 18. Rod believed in me and saw that I was unphased by physically demanding nature of the job. My favorite memory of Rod is him falling asleep underneath a warm quad on a rainy day. I am still planting in 2006. You could not put a tree count on Rod because of the culture has inspired.