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Nominated by: Pepper
Date Added : Aug 25, 2006

Ryan McLeod is the best crew boss you will ever find. He is amazing! His dedication, work ethic and technique seems to rub off on every planter in his crew. All his rookies turn in to highballers and his crews continue to average crazy numbers. I don’t know what he averaged as a planter, but I know he was good. Just ask Hugh, you will never find a better boss. I nominate Ryan to the hall of fame for greatest crew boss.

Nominated by: Andrea

I’m nominating Ryan for best crew boss ever – a rookie’s dream!! Not only did he have HUGE work ethic, he was a block organizing genius, he would personally take the time to help the crew improve their technique (especially me – I needed the most help!!), and he brought his amazing wife, Cindy, with him (most amazing cook ever… I think I still dream about the food….)!!!! You guys are truly amazing and deserve only best things to come!