Hall of Fame > Sue Prior


Nominated by : Andrew O’Brian
Date Added : April 2009

Nominated by : Scott Chisholm

Sue was among the best of the real bush women ever …to get on a quad at midnight with a smile on her face to haul in another 20 boxes so the crew was set up in the morning; she also emitted style and grace with the shovel in her hand .. must be over a million in the ground by now? Anyone?

Nominated by : Dan Prior
Date Added : April 6, 2006

Sue Prior is my sister, who has planted for over 13 years. Planter, checker/surveyor,foreman to supervisor and camp cook and has even been my crew boss. The hall of fame wouldn’t be complete without her name on it.

I’m pretty sure she’ll be planting again , even if it is just a cameo plant to make some quick cash. Good luck, and keep cookin!