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Nominated by : Bill Gemmill
Date Added : Sept 2008

I would respectfully like to nominate Tony Greenfield , the owner of Whiskey Jack Reforestation, a legendary company that unfortunately is no longer involved in the business.

I was fortunate enough to work for Tony for a couple or three season’s back in the late eighties on the coast and Vancouver Island with some of the most incredible planters and foremen in the business, for prices that were never matched by any other company that I worked for well into the 90’s.

I can’t say enough about the privilege it was to work for Whiskey Jack, we did everything from fly-in contracts to barge in jobs on the west coast of Vancouver Island riding to contracts on the Uchuck. At the time, Tony could keep us busy from as early as February (and occasionally January) right through till late June. It was a pleasure to be part of his company for the time I was there.


  1. i worked with or for tony during the eighties myself. god that was hard work. i planted for 17 years or seasons. Most of them with whiskey jack. i’m sure paying for it today with arthritis in my arms and shoulders at 62. watch your back!!!

  2. Stanley Leben here. I agree, worked for Tony and whisky jack for most of the 90s. Got almost a million in and basically no culls! I always joked that he would break us and his wife who ran dolphin physiotherapy would help fix us up lol. Thank you Tony for an awesome decade I’ll never forget!