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Nominated by : Tanis Williams

Donald Duchesne 1953-2009

I would like to nominate Donald Duchesne to the tree-planters hall of fame. Donald has been in the industry for about 23 years as a planter and foreman, he is a hardworking man passionate about his job, and well respected by everyone he worked with. Don is a great leader when he needs to be, and a great friend with a heart of gold. As a man of few words he has the best sense of humor, he loved sending me in to plant those damn gullies. Don is unable to be on the block with us anymore, it’s a shame because he’s definitely someone we all miss having out there.

Sadly, we at Tree-Planter.com were informed today that Donald Duchesne passed away December 17, 2009. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him and had the privilege of working with him.