Hall of Fame > Brady & Jessie (the Dynamic Duo)


Nominated by : Ken & Rhonda Elliott

I am a proud mom and would like to nominate my son & daughter in law. They are amazing tree planters getting ready to go back for year 5. I told Brady when he started he would never make it thru season 1, he has proved me sooooo wrong!! Brady & Jessie’s eyes light up when they tell us their planting encounters, simply amazing and inspiring stories. Such hard work, but they are a very dedicated & an amazing duo who are passionate about there jobs. You really have to be a special person to get up each day and put a smile on your face and go hang out in the forest all day, not knowing what your going to be up against each day ahead. Whether it be snow, rain, mud, getting stuck, a tough block to plant or bears to deal with.

Just grin and bear it and carry on 🙂

They have planted over a million trees. What a wonderful gift to give back to this world, I thank you both, I couldn’t be any prouder.

Nominated by : Mike Collins

I nominate Brady and Jessie (the dynamic duo). 2 great people doing a great job! Nothing makes those 2 happier than being out in the elements, doing what they love best. Very proud to know these great young adults and am proud of their contribution to a better world. Good luck you two..you deserve the recognition!!!