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Nominated by: Fellow Bluecollar Workers

Hello! I’d like to nominate someone for the hall of fame -his name is Bob Dearden, and he has been integral to the industry for 14 years.

Not only was he a formidable planter – highballing most every Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and B.C camp he found himself in, but he also turned out to be the most affable, industrious and encouraging crewboss a planter could ask for. Presently, he is rocking the reputation as the best supervisor to work under – as long as you appreciate sarcasm and the occasional full-body tackle. His morning meetings are uplifting, hilarious and honest, and he is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the foundation that good contracts are built on. I’ve never seen anyone work harder, smarter, or as tirelessly for the good of the camp and the client. He’s pretty easy on the eyes, too.