Waging War on Bugs


Bugs can be a major source of frustration, especially during the spring season. Bug stories are favourites among treeplanters and no other story, however skilfully told, could stem from a more gruelling experience than your own story.

Arm Yourself to the Teeth

Your first step for waging the war on bugs is for you to arm yourself with some sort of repellent.

Muskol Oil

Muskol Oil has the highest concentration of DEET, works the best and is the hardest on your skin and everything else it touches. Try storing your DEET near your Swiss Army knife if you want a quick chemical induced colour change.

Muskol Spray

Muskol spray is nice because you don’t have to wipe it on with your mucky hands and it is easily applied to your entire body. Muskol suntan lotion provides moderate bug and sun protection for those sunny days.


Off! and Deep Woods Off! just don’t seem to have enough power to deter the hardy bugs of the deep bush. Skin-So-Soft enjoyed several years of popular use until everybody got sick of the overpowering pretty smell.

When to Buy

Buy your insect repellent before the planting season or you may end up paying the exorbitantly high prices of the North during peak bug season. You’ll go through a lot of spray so buy at least 2-3 bottles.

Put on Some Armour

When the bugs are especially bad, having them fly into your eyes, nose and ears can drive you nuts.

Solution #1

Many tree planters are discovering the benefits of having some sort of bug jacket. Bug jackets typically have a mesh hood and some other sort of mesh venting along their sides. These jackets can be very handy however, some people find it difficult to see with the face mesh, especially if it is white. Although a little pricey ($80), a good bug jacket can help your sanity. Head-only bug nets are also an option.

Solution #2

Tie a shirt so that the neck band is placed around your face and tie the sleeves to fasten it snugly to your head. You may also have to duct tape your sleeve and pant cuffs to prevent the bugs from crawling into the warm and tasty crevasses of your body.