Tree Planter Injury Info from Liz


Last year I was in a work accident and missed out on most of my planting season. As a tree planter, it was hard to understand if I could even receive WCB and what WCB covered in terms of medical and wage loss benefits. I put together this PDF to help other planters understand what they should do and what they deserve if they get hurt on the job.

All the information is referenced and there is a disclaimer stating the document should only be used for general information. The information does not substitute for information provided by WCB. It’s just a document to help planters get an idea on what they should do if they get hurt and are unable to work.

The more planters, foremen, first aiders, supervisors​, etc that get this information, the better. We should all know what should happen when people get hurt at work.

~ Liz

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