Outland Reforestation


Why Plant With Outland?

Outland has been planting trees since 1985 and we have been growing steadily based on our success in the field. This season we have a lot of work opportunities on various spring projects in:

  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta


  • Top 50% of Experienced Planters Averaged $340.00/day.
  • Top 50% New Planters Averaged $240.00/day.
  • 85 Planters earned over $15,000 in the 2018 Season.

Outland gives you the best earnings potential with experienced management in a planter-oriented company. Most of our planters will spend their entire planting careers at Outland and because of this we are able to maintain a high returning planter rate every year.

To date, 41 Outland Planters have planted over 1,000,000 trees and 3 have planted over 2,000,000 trees.


  • $20 Camp Cost with no other hidden fees.
  • A long planting season of 50+ production days.
  • Safe work practices and equipment.
  • High management to planter ratio.
  • Organized, experienced, safe & environmentally responsible management.
  • Quality food and camp life.
  • Other work opportunities outside of planting.

Please go to www.outlandplanting.ca for more information or to apply