Quastuco Silviculture Ltd.




Quastuco Silviculture Ltd has achieved its goal of becoming a dominant player in the South Okanagan Silviculture Sector. We are pleased to announce that we have negotiated rate increases that are just over 20% for our planting crews this year.   We heard your concerns and took them to our clients.   We can also happily say that we have eliminated out of town accommodation fees.

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Mission Statement

  • Wish to become dominant player in the South Okanagan Silviculture Industry by providing safe high quality tree planting and silviculture services in a cost effective manner
  • We wish to exceed customer expectations by providing superior services
  • We will provide employees with training and knowledge to be the safest and highest quality producers in the industry


• Reforestation: Fostering Education and Innovation.

Safety Vision

  • To become a leader in safety for our respective field(s). QSL targets that each employee completes their employment with our company in equal or better health than when they started.

Quastuco Silviculture Ltd.

What we will do for you;

• 100% focus on safety.
• Allow you to potentially earn enough money over our season to avoid student loans or the bank of mom and dad.
• Fun, we focus on the experience you can gain while planting for Quastuco and enjoying      the Southern Okanagan.
• Crew Supervisor rations of maximum 9 planters to 1 supervisor.
• Exceptionally well organized.
• No Camps-100% in town living.
• 5 and 2 shift Monday to Friday.
• No hidden charges and paid every two weeks in full.
• Long season starting April 20th and ending early July.

If you wish to see more information, please visit our website at www.quastuco.com

Contact Information

Quastuco Silviculture Ltd.
11-477 Martin Street
Penticton B.C.