Dynamic Reforestation Ltd.


Spend the 2019 season with one of the industry’s best!


Dynamic’s 2019 season is shaping up to be another solid year of planting with great prices and consistent work from mid-April and into July, with the possibility of late summer work.

We have over 15 MILLION TREES lined up with higher planter prices on every one of our contracts across the board! So planters can expect good contracts with strong pricing no matter what Dynamic camp they are in.

Our 2019 contracts are located throughout British Columbia in the Cariboo, Thompson Okanagan and Northwest BC regions.

For those of you who want to keep on working, we also offer layout, fire-fighting and beetle probing work that will start early August and typically run into the Fall. Priority hiring is given to those who complete a full season of planting with us.


  • Strong prices (planter prices are higher on every 2019 contract)
  • Excellent organization with full days and minimal downtime
  • 3 days on and 1 day off shifts, with no breaks between contracts
  • Great people both leading and working in the company
  • Owners that are approachable and present in day-to-day planting operations
  • Smaller camps – usually between 30 and 40 planters
  • Amazing food and plenty of it, catering to various dietary needs
  • Great camp atmosphere
  • Ability to claim Remote Worksite Allowance of $80/day
  • Layout, fire-fighting and beetle probing opportunities, to extend the season into the Fall


Our proven track record is built by enthusiastic, experienced men and women that work cohesively together and are responsive to the changing conditions inherent in our industry.

We believe in creating strong working relationships with our clients and our planters. Happy, well-paid planters give the best quality and production. We believe planters work hard and deserve to be treated with the utmost respect.

Our emphasis on building relationships and taking a positive approach to work, cultivates a culture focused on safety, quality and reliability.


We work hard to make Dynamic your best choice for a planting company and this is reflected in the large number of returning planters and foremen each year.

We are fortunate to have a high percentage of returning planters but we always appreciate applications from planters with great attitudes, strong work ethic and a collaborative approach to their work. If you feel this describes you, please apply on our website www.dynamicreforestation.com and someone will contact you shortly.

Experience is preferred, but we always have openings for exceptional applicants new to the treeplanting industry.

We look forward to another year of good planting, good people and making a few more good memories!

Miles, Jeff & Bryn