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Hiring Season is coming soon and we are getting a lot of emails from people wanting to come to Canada and plant trees. Here’s an article we put out a few years ago letting you know what you have to do to get hired in Canada.  

Once you get a work permit, you can apply with any of the planting companies on our Companies page!

We don’t hire planters so don’t email us looking for a job ;P


I was on today because I’m updating our working holiday program’s Guidebook to Canada for incoming foreign workers, some of whom choose to work as tree planters. I noticed the note requesting information for foreign applicants who want to plant trees in Canada. I thought I’d drop you a note to give you some info.

There are two basic types of work permits that foreign workers in Canada can get. The first is an employer-sponsored work permit. To get one of these, the employer has to apply to HRSDC for a Labour Market Opinion. This is a study of the desired occupation, to determine whether or not workers are in this particular industry are in high enough demand to justify hiring a foreign worker. This process generally takes 6 – 8 months. The work permit the person receives will be up to 2 years in length, and will be restricted to one employer. More info about this can be found at:

The second way is to get a working holiday permit. These work permits are generally for youth (ages 18 – 35) or students, depending on the country the person comes from. Our program, SWAP Working Holidays, is Canada’s largest and longest-running working holiday program. We partner with 25 different countries from around the world, to receive 6000 – 7000 international youth annually. For many of the countries we work with, our program provides the only opportunity for youth from that country to work and travel in Canada. We also send about 2000 Canadians abroad to work and travel every year.

Our participants are all issued open, unrestricted work permits – they can work in any location in Canada, for any employer. Many come for seasonal employment, and work in tree planting or fruit picking. The lengths of their work permits vary from 6 months to 2 years, depending on where they are from. Our program also provides a fast-tracked SIN processing service, job and accommodation searching assistance, help with starting bank accounts and phones, emergency assistance, social events, and much more.

The price of the program and the length of processing vary depending on the country the person is from. From the US, for example, the program fee (including the cost of the work permit) is $250 and the processing time is 1 – 2 weeks.

Check out our website:

Anyway, let me know if you have any other questions about foreign worker’s eligibility for employment. I’m more than happy to answer your questions!



I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a helpful site for my research!

I also wanted to share a helpful link that would be a good fit and work well with your other resources:

You can never have too many references! Hope you find it as useful as I have.



  1. Hello, I want to sign up for the program, but the link you show is not working, Iam from Argentina, can you send me an e mail for more information?
    Thank you

    • The link seems to be working for me. Please keep in mind, the link is not specific to tree planting – it’s pretty general in nature.

  2. Hi am Interested and passionate about planting trees and being with nature. Please tell me how to apply. I am grom India.

  3. I’m also interested un doing some seasonal work as a tree planter. Problem is that I’m 41 y/o. I’m from Spain by the way…

    My English is damn good and have nothing to envy to twenty-somethings when it comes to hard work, physical fitness and stamina….

    Any advice pls?


  4. Hi I’m an all year round tree planted and working 7 days often. In Ireland I’m British citizen and 46 years old I ant 1500 to over 2000 trees a day. Which is limited to conditions depending of ground. I’m very interested in doing a season in Canada any info would be very helpful.

    • Gary MC Kay, you plant in Ireland? I’m from Canada, my Partner is Irish, I’ve wondered if there was planting in Ireland and what it would be like if there was, is it piece rate? It’s not easy to find info on it as it’s not as big as it is in Canada maybe? I’ve planted for 7 years, planting in Canada, it’s easy to get a job, you do however need a visa, and that might be the hard part for you, as most working visas in most countries have an age limit. I think there is a type of seasonal work permit you can get but your employer has to request it I think. so your need to find a company with a foreman who’s willing to get a work permit to have you over here I believe. Its complicated. I’ve stumbled upon this page with details about foreign work as I am trying to find a company that will do a sponsorship as my partners 2 year visa is running out.

  5. Thanks for all of this info Melinda. I’m applying this week to be a tree planter in the US but have been having trouble finding companies here in America who are hiring tree planters. Do you know of any or have a list? Thank you so much.

  6. Hi I’m looking into doing some tree planting during the summer of 2020. I am British and 17 years old. Could you please give me some advice on where to start as I have never done anything like this before.

    kind regards

  7. Respected sir am Sunilkumar Heavy Bus Driver Qatar licence now am Qatar govt transport city bus driver am interested any work hard work no any problem

  8. Hello, I´m from Colombia and I need to know the process to obtain a permit for tree planter job in Canada and I found this very helpful article, The second option its very interesting I want to be a SWAP participant but the website not working for subscribing, I need help please

  9. Good morning sir I am a tree plant I have been planning for 4 seasons and I have been planning for this number of season and I will to apply for tree plant job in your company