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Planting with Blue Collar Silviculture

Blue Collar Silviculture has been planting trees since 1983 throughout BC and Alberta. We planted over 23 million trees last season and have another great season lined up. Our key strength is the people that work for us. We provide a safe and supportive work environment with comfortable camps so our staff can maximize earnings and meet their personal goals throughout the work season. Blue Collar is committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients in both quality and production results. Our reputation is built on hard work, efficiency and productive work days followed by amazing food and good times.

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What the Planters Have Said:

“Still the best company I’ve worked for. Respects and cares for the well being of their employees, fights for fair prices and hires amazing cooks”

“my ratio of length of season to dollar value was probably the highest I have achieved”

“planter oriented, good earnings, good community and cooks”

“great people, great food!”

“I was never out of trees for the month I was there”

“I can’t wait to get back planting, to see those awesome people I worked with and to improve myself more than I did last season. This is the best job I have done so far.”