July 18, 2009

Birthday Bear Fun

Submitted by: Rod Sears I decided to go with a couple friends to Ontario to try out planting. It was my second week of planting. May […]
April 8, 2009

Planting Tales: a collection of treeplanting stories

Planting Tales… is a project to collect the stories of one of the greatest unsung heroes: the Treeplanter. Whether it’s horror stories of planting nightmares or […]
February 26, 2009

Zen and the Passion for Tree Planting

I’ve never planted a tree. Not in my back yard. Not as part of a class project when in elementary school (at least, to the extent […]
November 19, 2008

The Rookie Song

By Josh Barkey
May 15, 2008

A Tree Planter Guide to Reducing Musculoskeletal Injuries

The Guide was developed for tree planters and their supervisors by FPInnovations – Feric Division (http://www.feric.ca/) in response to concerns about musculoskeletal injuries suffered by tree […]
April 13, 2008

Two Days in the Life of James Steenberg

Submitted April 2008 Today I woke up 5:42, I ate 6 grilled cheese sandwiches and took shotgun before anyone else could. Alice cut mine and Adam’s […]
September 10, 2005

The Vortex of Insanity

Early on an already warm May morning, day three of our cycle, a crewboss and four planters were asked to return to a block to fill […]
October 13, 2000

This one time-in planting camp…

Submitted by: Marcelle Chisholm (Jacques) I say that all the time (it’s sounds funny since the American Pie movie). I say it a lot because I […]
July 18, 2000

Fertilizers Affect Tree Planters’ Health

A hypothesis put forward by a senior Weyerhaeuser forester, at a recent Workers’ Compensation Board inquiry as to why treeplanters are getting sick, was that they […]