Brinkman Reforestation Ltd.


Brinkman Reforestation Ltd. Is the longest running and most respected silviculture company in Canada. We began working in 1970 and have spearheaded the growth and the diversification of the silviculture industry across the country. Although Brinkman is a well-established tree planting company, we strive to maintain a small company feel in each of our camps.

As a Brinkman planter you get all the advantages of a large professional organization – the ability to procure and maintain lucrative long-term contracts, excellent camp infrastructure (think hot showers and great food), award-winning health and safety program, and twice-monthly pay with direct deposit – while still maintaining the spirit of adventure and fun that attracts us all to planting.  We depend on our planters to return year after year – and so we treat you well and with respect.

Brinkman works throughout the country – from BC through to southern Ontario. Although planting remains our core activity, we also carry out a variety of brushing, thinning, surveying, slash pile burning, herbicide application, and restoration projects that start in early February and continues into late November. We provide a long season of lucrative work for our planters.

Quick Stats:

  • Work in BC (Coast & Interior), Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario
  • MAIN spring planting season (May & June & July) is about 45-60 work days depending on the province. This is ~8-12 weeks including days off. SUMMER planting season is another 20 days in July and/or August in Ontario, Alberta and BC
  • BC Coastal season spring (Feb.-April) and fall (Sept. – Oct.) = 40-65 work days
  • PLUS ~20 days of extra silviculture work: surveying, burning, cone picking, thinning
  • At least 40% of our workforce and 40% of our management is female
  • We work 3 or 4 days on and 1 day off

Why Work for Brinkman?

Better Prices
  • Brinkman has been at the forefront of advocating to improve planter payout. We want planters to earn significantly more money than any other summer job. High volume of work = lower overhead and better payouts. You can’t afford not to work with us.
Best Opportunity
  • While Brinkman has the capacity to hire a lot of new planters each year that does not make us a “greener mill”. Our new planter dropout rate is minimal, and the vast majority of our planters return to work with us year after year. Our Experienced-to-New Planter ratio is impressive. People return because they have an amazing experience.
Great Training
  • Our training program is second to none. We coach our experienced planters for even better earnings and no injuries. And just as importantly, we efficiently and effectively train our first-year planters and get you up to speed FAST. We don’t waste time.
Lots of Work
  • It is important to remember that because Brinkman works across Canada, we can provide work mobility and an extended season for our experienced planters. Although the main planting season runs from early May through July, we always have more work before and after that so you can earn even more money.
Expand your Horizons
  • Do you have a talent for logistics, management, and systems implementations? Interested in forestry or field work in general? Brinkman offers expanded opportunities and internal training to support your next step.

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