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I'm a Treeplanter

Here's a song submitted by an old treeplanter, Scott Wicken.  Give it a listen!

Jean-Philippe Marquis' WebsiteMay 11 2016
Self portrait on the stump of a roughly 1,000-year-old freshly-cut red cedar near Bamfield, BC.


Jean-Philippe Marquis is a documentary filmmaker and photographer. He has planted trees for over 10 years, always carrying his camera on the cut block. He just released his website and it contains a large selection of tree-planting photos.


Worlds Toughest Jobs | Season 1 Episode 6 – Canadian Forestry - Documentary

I wish I had these when tree planting...

As a frequent off road driver of company vehicles, I sure wish I had these MaxTrax. I use them now in my adventures and can vouch for their awesomeness when you get stuck in all kinds of situations.


Snow, mud, sand. You can always move out of a bad situation.

Looking for Employment in the Canadian Resource Sector?

The 2016 Labour Guide looks to be a well put together resource inculding all kinds of potential employer contact information. The $20 that it costs should be money well spent!



Gear-Up for Outdoors

Planting in France?October 25 2015

Nick is looking to get some planting action in France. If you know anything about the planting scene there, perhaps you can be a pal and send him a note at nvr2012@hotmail.com. Thanks!

To Plant a Million TreesOctober 24 2015

Here's a great piece written by Stephanie Clement.


We've added this as a PDF as it's worth a save and read. Perhaps even something you want to share with others!

To Plant A Million Trees.pdf 6.5 M

Have you ever wanted to live and work in Australia?


Have you ever wanted to live and work in Australia? Would you like use your planting skills to continue earning money but desire a change of scenery and lifestyle?

Here Come the Drones! Tree-Planter.com Video 2015 PlanningMay 7 2015

We've been making short videos for a couple of years now, but not for tree planting. Mostly it's just us having fun in the wilderness riding various machines. However, this year we plan to take all of our video gear (awesome) and Kung Fu (limited) out to film some tree planters in action. 


Seneca Enterprises has offered to be our host. We plan to bring out the GoPros, the "Big" DSLR on a body gimbal, and most noteworthy - a 4k capable drone called the Inspire 1 (pictured).


Once finished, we'll get this on YouTube and Vimeo for sharing.


If you are collecting video footage this summer, and you have some pretty good stuff, let us know. We may be able to weave it in and work together.


Here's a link to our website where we are covering these sorts of activities. DATS Productions


For more information on this video, please email Scott Chisholm.

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tentree is an environmentally progressive lifestyle brand that plants ten trees for every item purchased. Their current planting locations include Canada, Madagascar, and Ethiopia. Their product includes t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, hats, accessories, and more. Check them out at tentree.com to get involved.

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