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Doctors Without Borders & Tree Planters

Here you go! 


S100A... Come and Get it!!February 16 2015



Your supervisory staff and managers likely need S100A refresher training if they will be working in BC this upcoming summer...

It's Now Officially Hiring Season for Summer 2015
Photo by Jaya

So, you have looked through the website and you have learned about tree planting. Hopefully we did a good job to test your resolve and show you what it takes to be a successful tree planter.


Now it's time to check out the companies that are hiring. Look to the main navigation, it contains a link titles "Companies". Go look around for the best gig in town and then put you best foot forward.


One tip. Always remember that these are companies. They earn their living by planting lots of trees. Put your best foot forward and tell them why they should invest in you.

Le Nouveau International presents: OGOKI NIGHTS - THE ORIGINAL


An original bilingual canadian comedy and about the insanity of treeplanting.

Dogs save silviculture workers in close calls with bears:September 27 2014

Two reports so far this year of workers’ dogs saving them from predatory bear attacks. Both incidents involved supervisors working alone or at a distance from partners. One incident involved a grizzly stalking the worker who likely would not have seen the ursus horribilis threat if her young dog had not alerted her. She had just enough time to summon help and get to her truck. In another situation a supervisor looked up from the task at hand to see a black bear charging him. As the bear closed in the workers’ dog intercepted him in full flight deflecting the attack. There was no evidence in either case suggesting the dogs attracted the bears.


Related to these close calls all workers should engage in the morning crew chorus of cacophony when they reach the block, testing their truck horns, whistles, lungs etc. to warn off the local fauna.


Source: www.WSCA.ca

Some like it HOT!

So I was sweating it out in my Bikram Yoga Class the other night and I looked over and saw one of our Tree-Planter.com stickers on a fellow yogis water flask.

A big smile crept upon my face at the sight!  It seemed fitting that a treeplanter would gravitate to a hot yoga class as it is one of the most grueling exercise classes imaginable both physically and mentally.

Once again, I was reminded that if you can survive as a treeplanter...you can do anything.

I encourage you to try out a Bikram Yoga class.  Trust me, it'll be hard. But if you've endured a few seasons treeplanting, you'll be fine.  It's all mind over matter.

Here's a link to the best water flask we've ever tried and tested.  We tried out the Hydroflask and they rock but they won't deliver to Canada :(

Struck by Lightning?

What would you do if you were struck by lightning? Check out Jeremy Cohen's blog to find out what he did!


Infectious smile, Alluring charm, Incredible wit. An egoist of the highest order. Straight Razor shaving, bicycle and mustache enthusiast. Jeremy Cohen is a Graduate student in the Department of Religion at Concordia University and studied photography at Dawson College in Montreal. His interests lie in writing, photography and unfortunately, tree planting.


Here is his blog

Check out some awesome new planting photos!

Check out our "Photos" page to see some great new pics recently posted.  Credits to Katherine Baggio.

Holy Pooh!August 12 2014

Wow. We honestly don't know what to make of this!

View Website


Tree-planter.com has contacted the artist for the story behind this shovel. More to come - we hope!

15 Lessons Learned by a Canadian Treeplanter to Help Face Challenges in Everyday Life


Here's a fun article to check out.



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