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What would you do if you were struck by lightning? Check out Jeremy Cohen's blog to find out what he did!

Infectious smile, Alluring charm, Incredible wit. An egoist of the highest order. Straight Razor shaving, bicycle and mustache enthusiast. Jeremy Cohen is a Graduate student in the Department of Religion at Concordia University and studied photography at Dawson College in Montreal. His interests lie in writing, photography and unfortunately, tree planting.


Here is his blog

Check out some awesome new planting photos!

Check out our "Photos" page to see some great new pics recently posted.  Credits to Katherine Baggio.

Holy Pooh!August 12 2014

Wow. We honestly don't know what to make of this!

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Tree-planter.com has contacted the artist for the story behind this shovel. More to come - we hope!

15 Lessons Learned by a Canadian Treeplanter to Help Face Challenges in Everyday Life


Here's a fun article to check out.



Pounding for Pemba

Friday July 15th, 2014, Sackville, N.B

Pounding for Pemba - Canadian tree planters have raised over $22,000 this summer and over $130,000 to date, helping break the cycle of subsistence farming and build local economy on a small African island.

Bucking the millennial stereotype, tree planters from all corners of Canada go North to pay student debts and make money. Now they’re giving it away.

Hey! Stop emailing us to get hired!May 23 2014

We are getting some emails from people looking for planting jobs. Please note, we don't hire planters, we're just a website about planting and trying to connect people with potential employers.


Please see the Companies tab in the main navigation to see some company profiles and their contact information.


Please make your inquiries directly to the companies
that you are seeking employment with. Thanks!

Need some S100A Training?

One of Tree-Planter.com's "sister websites" hosts a bunch of online training (for a small fee). We're starting to get some S100A inquiries around this time of year.




Click "Read More" to receive a promo code.

TenTree Apparel & Tree-Planter.com Design Tourney

Tree-Planter.com first became aware of TenTree Apparel in 2012 when they appeared on Dragons Den. They have a clothing line that plants 10 trees for each item purchased. Great concept, nice guys, and a good business plan. They were offered a deal.


Here is the episode and some quick notes about a T-Shirt Design Tournament that they are going to sponsor through Tree-Planter.com.

Bug Bite Pictures > Updated!

Newest On Top


Here are some bug-bite/bug photos from last season, near Kapuskasing, Ontario. 

Alex Lader


Great Opportunity for Tree Planters with US Citizenship

Are you a dual American/Canadian citizen, or an American (student) able to work in Canada?


Are you looking for a Canadian adventure and a paid summer job like no other?


Do you want to appear in a TV documentary?

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