Please note, we don’t hire tree planters, tree planting companies hire you! Look through the Company Profiles for your job opportunities and make your application directly to them.

Please feel free to contact us for any of the following great reasons:

  • you have an interesting tree planting article / video / song to share, or
  • you have a pile of nice photos that you would like to get online for widespread sharing, or
  • you are a tree planting company that wants to get your company profile online, or
  • you have a suggestion of idea to bounce off of us, or
  • you just want to tell us that we are doing a great job!

Truthfully, we are happy to hear from you – as long as you're not writing to apply to work as a tree planter!

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About us

We were tree planters throughout the 1990s. We supervised crews, and even owned a mid-sized silviculture company for 5 years. We left the industry that we loved to open new types of businesses, but we’ve always stayed close to our roots by lovingly maintaining this website. (Est. 1999)