World Treeplanting Record

Two Canadian tree planters, Antoine Moses from Blue Collar Silviculture and Kilty Elliott from Summit Reforestation have set a new world record for most trees planted in...

2021 Tree Planter Film Festival

Check out the 2021 Tree Planting Film Festival website. Noice! Open Website

Gear Up For Outdoors Ltd.

Gear Up For Outdoors Ltd. thanks all new and returning tree planters for your support. We wish everyone a safe & prosperous 2021 planting season. Gear...

That Treeplanting Story

That Treeplanting Story is a cycle of eight tales, including two novella length, set in or around treeplanting camps in British Columbia in the mid-1970s, the...

Highballer: True Tales from a Treeplanting Life

Many things have changed in the world of tree planting since its inception, yet so much of it remains the same. HIGHBALLER is a...

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The Basics of Tree Planting

A Typical Tree Planting Day

Pounders by Josh Barkey

Gear Up For Outdoors Ltd. – Creating Adventures with Guaranteed...

Gear Up is proud to be involved in many community events promoting the outdoors. You can follow us on our website blog Our staff...

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