Getting Hired


If you are looking to be a planter for this upcoming season, be ready to start looking for work in January – February at the latest.

So, You Wanna Go Tree Planting?

A Few Dates

  • Hiring begins early to mid January for most companies.
  • The bulk of the planting starts around the start of May.
  • The bulk of the trees are planted by late June, or if you are lucky, mid to late July.

Late Starters

If you are not available at the start of the season, and you are a first-time tree planter, it is going to be really tough getting hired. Training is typically provided at the start of the season only.

Who is hiring? displays company profiles for around 20 companies – most of them mid-sized to large. There are lots of other companies as well. Information on all “known companies” can be found in the Companies section (top navigation).

Who should you choose?

Apply to at least 2 or 3 companies. More if you have the time to keep in contact with them.

Some companies have better camps, better food, better prices and better atmospheres than others. I’m not saying any companies necessarily have them all, but you will find different combinations of strengths.

A long season is key. You will start slowly and you will likely be making the most money per day at or near the end of the season. Each extra day should earn you another $150-200. You should be able to find 55+ days if you look around.

Go to multiple interviews if possible.


A resume could be good – if it has anything on it that shows you have (or could have) worked your butt off.

Physical or athletic achievements and outdoor hobbies should be listed on your resume or application.

Interview Dos and Don’ts

Don’t say that you are going tree planting because you are motivated to do something good for the earth.

Do have a good reason for needing the money and express it. It might be the only thing that keeps you going when things get tough, and the trees just have to get in the ground. If you don’t have a good financial need or very strong desire, you should not go tree planting.

Other Must Do Items

Do learn as much as you can about tree planting before going to any interview. Company’s want you to know what you are getting yourself in to. Additionally, you do need to know what you are getting in to. 

Download the Gear List under the Gear, Equipment & Clothing links.

Further Evaluation

Ask for names and phone numbers from a few people on last year’s crew. Call them up and ask them what they experienced and why they are coming back for more with the same company.

Good luck!