The Undercover Tree Planter

My name is Dominic Lachance and I’ve tree-planted for five seasons in BC and worked two more in Nicaragua. Over the years, I’ve always kept a journal and recently finished writing a novel called: THE UNDERCOVER TREE-PLANTER. It is about murders that are happening in a tree-planting camp and an undercover agent is sent to investigate from the inside. The detective story is entertaining, but it really is just an excuse to show what tree-planters really go through every summer.

“The Undercover Tree-Planter” is, for now, only available on line. Use the direct link below and you will easily find it. I wrote this book for my own pleasure, but mostly because rookie tree-planters always arrive unprepared for the job. As a foreman, I’ve always wished there was a way they could know beforehand what they were getting into. Well, now they can!

Dominic (an undercover tree-planter now living an everyday life)

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