Native Solutions




Love tree planting? Want to travel and experience New Zealand? Why not both!

Come to Middle Earth and help replant and restore New Zealand to its natural beauty. Join our Fellowship and help us plant over 2.2 million trees a year!

About Us

We are a family run planting business who have been established since 2005 and we are growing rapidly. We wish to provide opportunities for all people interested in the environmental restoration and tree planting.

Why Plant With Us?

Native Solutions is one of the biggest and best planting and restoration companies in New Zealand. We offer a wide variety of planting jobs spread across New Zealand. Although tree planting is our core and heart, we do an assortment of different restoration landscaping jobs. We have great international relationships and welcome planters from all around the globe. We offer year-round positions, but our busy season is from April to October.

What We Do?

Forestry Planting - Pine, Eucalyptus, Redwood, Cypress, Manuka
Environmental Restoration - Riparian and Wetland Planting, Coastal Erosion and Sand Dune Restoration, National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Floating Island Installation, Agricultural Shelter Belt Planting
Landscape Planting - Subdivisions, motorways, commercial premises, private maintenance

What We Offer?

We offer for you to travel and see New Zealand’s wild, remote and rare beauty
We offer a competitive hourly wage with the addition of bonuses
- Per tree or performance bonuses depending on the job
We provide travel costs for moving around in New Zealand from site to site
Our mobile teams are provided with accommodation
We aid with accommodation and transport for stationary teams
We pay you for long trips to distant sites
We provide training and equipment
We offer a unique international experience

Contact us

Please visit our website to apply online! Or email us for additional information