Outland Reforestation


We offer our planters professionally run projects in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  We have been instrumental in advancing the working conditions and earnings of tree planters.  We started off as a group of motivated planters and reforestation remains a cornerstone of our business today.  Our approach gives you the best earning potential in a safe, planter-oriented environment.  We work for the best clients in the industry and can provide a variety of work across the country.



  • $20 + tax - Camp Cost with no other hidden fees.
  • Earn 12-15 cents per tree planted (Top planters earn $450+/day)
  • Staff paid bi-weekly w/ vacation pay.
  • A long planting season of 50+ production days.
  • Safe work practices and equipment.
  • High management to planter ratio.
  • Organized, experienced, safe & environmentally responsible management.
  • Quality food and camp life.
  • Able to accommodate dietary restrictions.
  • Other work opportunities outside of planting.


We take pride in our award winning, industry leading safety program. We are certified to the highest safety rating in all the provinces we work in and we take our responsibility as an employer seriously. 


A good camp is critical to the success of a planting project. Our camps are known to be the best equipped and tightly managed camps in the business and meet or exceed all government regulations. Our camps are well maintained and safe to ensure maximum comfort of our workforce.


Outland works in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta so we can offer a long planting season on multiple spring and summer projects.


Outland has nation-wide, year-round employment opportunities in Planting and Camps. 

  • Slash Pile Burning
  • Tree thinning
  • Cone Picking
  • Camp & Catering
  • Emergency Fire Services

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Extend your season with the Outland Youth Employment Program!

Explore Outland opportunities beyond planting and develop your management skills with OYEP.

About OYEP:

OYEP is a six week Education, Training and Work opportunity for Indigenous youth across Canada.  Develop and share your silviculture and leadership skills, training and supervising youth aged 16 to 19 years old.  Opportunities to work across Canada with experienced staff and management.

Crew Bosses: 

Crew Bosses are dedicated to helping Indigenous youth make the most of their experience at OYEP. Whether it’s supporting youth through training, guiding them with personalized career planning or teaching them new skills to help them enter the workforce, Crew Leaders are there to support youth’s success.


  • Upward mobility in Outland
  • Resume development
  • Competitive wages
  • Networking opportunities
  • Paid training


  • living on site for the duration of the program
  • a variety of responsibilities and new experiences daily including: mentorship, industry site tours, work experience, (tree plant, brush saw, etc.),
  • Indigenous cultural education and networking with Industry


We all know cooks are the most important person in a camp and that holds true at OYEP.

OYEP is the perfect way for cooks to finish off a tough planting season by cooking in an industrial kitchen at a beautiful lake front site.

Cooking at OYEP is unique and fun. You’ll have the chance to engage with youth, teach them skills and even become a mentor.

Seasons start across Canada in early July and conclude before the end of August.

For more information about OYEP, visit us at www.OYEP.ca