August 6, 2009

Hall of Fame > Parker Reed

Nominated by: Eric Lepine Date Added : November 2007 Long, long seasons (over 6 months), year, after year, after year (I think 16 years now). I […]
August 6, 2009

Hall of Fame > Gord Sheepwash and Cathy Newhook

Nominated by: Monty Larson Date Added : May 2007 Gord Sheepwash and Cathy Newhook, from Next Generation Reforestation, for being planters, then finding their niche as […]
August 6, 2009

Hall of Fame > Jeff Ohrt – 1,000,000+ Trees

Nominated by: Dave Mills Over 1 million trees with Tawa Enterprises, Waterside, Folklore Contract, Natural Borders, ELF, & others (1994-2004) Jeff Ohrt was an old-school tree […]
August 1, 2009

Hall of Fame > Andrew “Duck Lake” Urton

Nominated by: Cody Gieni I would like to nominate my planting partner Andrew “Duck Lake” Urton for the tree planters hall of fame. Last season, or […]
July 24, 2009

Photo Gallery – Brian Robinson

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]”Tree planting is such an abstract concept for most; many know that it is done, and that people do it, but it is not given much […]
July 24, 2009

About Planting in Ontario

Written by Gabe Elias (Pictured) Author’s Note The following information has been distilled from the downloadable PDF (link below). This information is meant as an introduction […]
July 18, 2009

Top 10 Worst Reason for Wanting to be a Tree Planter

This section has been written from our collective standpoint from being foremen, supervisory staff and managers for several good sized tree planting companies. The Worst Reasons […]
July 18, 2009

A Pilot Project: Physiological Programs for the Reduction of Occupational Injury and Illness, and Productivity Enhancement in Tree-Planters

Delia Roberts, Ph.D., Selkirk College, Department of Biology, Castlegar, B.C., Canada Available here as a PDF a-pilot-project
July 18, 2009

Top Ten Diet Tips for Tree Planters

By: Dr. Delia Roberts The Top Ten Tips is a pocket sized booklet that will give you information on what and when to eat for maximum […]